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WHEREISTHEONE - ou Marjorie à la recherche de Mister Right

WHEREISTHEONE - ou Marjorie à la recherche de Mister Right

Rechercher l'âme sœur quand on est célibataire à 34 ans (déjà!) et qu'on a "tout pour plaire" paraît-il...Searching for Mister Right, when you are 34 (already) and have "almost" everything...

Words and their meanings

Interpreting things as I mentioned before is always a hard task, whatever the language. Sometimes you have to read between the lines, and understand quite the opposite of what the words really mean. What we call “second degré” in French!

One day, someone I found quite a lovely guy said to me the following : “did you try and seduce me? Maybe you didn’t try hard enough” Coming from him, I interpreted as “should you have tried a bit harder, you might have managed to do so”


After a while thinking about this, and talking about this mysterious sentence, I have now realised how stupid I could have been thinking it really did mean what the words meant. The hidden meaning of that was such a horrible thing in fact. That was coming from a player, the kind who likes the chase but not the commitment. I did open my eyes after all, and sometimes opening your eyes is painful (naivety will kill me). And also thanks to the help of a net friend, 48 years old English man living in somewhere in Brittany (always good to have truthful people to talk to). He confirmed that my understanding of the English language was perfect but said the following “if you wished to seduce someone who was a 'willing' partner then i feel he would fall for/enjoy your seduction, rather than ask you to try harder.” And I guess he is right all along.


So I guess that guy really meant the following : “poor little bird, I have no interest in you, but if you really think you can seduce me, then you’re gonna have hard work on this, believe me! That’s a tough job for you to achieve!” What an insult… In fact, i dont think I’d go back for more of that…

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Grenouille de Bénitier 05/02/2006 20:42

C très bien pour apprendre ou perfectionner son anglais (ou son français, selon).

Whereistheone, alias Marjorie 05/02/2006 22:20

disons que je l'ai écrit en anglais au départ et je l'ai traduit pour mes lecteurs francais ;-), merci de ton passage!

Mel 03/02/2006 16:32

Waouu ! Tu fais dans les 2 langues, tu comptes exporter ton site a l'internationale ?
Bonne continuation, Mel

Whereistheone, alias Marjorie 03/02/2006 16:51

non, je suis juste bilingue ;-) et comme j'ai aussi quelques potes anglais qui me lisent, quand ça sort en anglais, j'écris en anglais, et ensuite je traduis pour les autres en francais ;-), je suis gentille, hein?Je ne compte rien exporter du tout, je passe déjà 40% de mon temps en GB pour mon boulot, ça me suffit bien!