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WHEREISTHEONE - ou Marjorie à la recherche de Mister Right

WHEREISTHEONE - ou Marjorie à la recherche de Mister Right

Rechercher l'âme sœur quand on est célibataire à 34 ans (déjà!) et qu'on a "tout pour plaire" paraît-il...Searching for Mister Right, when you are 34 (already) and have "almost" everything...

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes, Baby's got blue eyes, Like a deep blue sea, On a blue blue day
Blue eyes, Baby's got blue eyes, When the morning comes, I'll be far away

Well why do I have this song in mind tonight? I wonder

NO! I know why!!! Yes, Another one of these stupid dials tonight with these silly questions like “are you a real blonde?” “are your eyes blue?” yes, yes… I felt like answering “yes my left eye is blue, as blue as my right eye, isn’t that strange indeed?” But I couldn’t be bothered, really…

I’m a blonde with blue eyes. So what? I didn’t choose, did I?

And thinking about this last one I spoke to, that couldn’t talk about anything else than the blue of my eyes…Sad, isn't it? Men are so basic sometimes… But well, everything can be found in this world, and I’m glad I am not like some people that can only look at appearances, not ever trying to know what there is behond the appearance itself.

Ok, I have to say I like dark eyes myself and that I melt in front of lovely dark brown or black eyes, Yes! But still, I need slightly more than this!

Well the day Mister Right walks into my life, then I hope he will be a bit more subtle than this, even if he likes that colour. And maybe he will just say like 'Sir' Elton john said :

I love blue eyes, When I'm by her side, Where I long to be, I will see
Blue eyes laughing in the sun, Laughing in the rain, Baby's got blue eyes, And I am home, and I am home again

Isn’t that Soooooooo romantic?

Yes… I know, I am soooooooooo hopelessly romantic in such a cruel world…

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G silighini 04/01/2006 11:47

sympa votre blog...
Mais comment a-t-il atteri dans ma boite aux lettres?

Whereistheone, alias Marjorie 04/01/2006 13:06

merci bien!Eh bien bonne question en effet ;-)

acanthaster 04/01/2006 11:04

Peut etre devrais tu  attaquer par une autre partie du corps.
Demande si ses coudes sont ronds ou que toi tu aimes les mecs avec les pieds plats.

Whereistheone, alias Marjorie 05/01/2006 10:25

Bonne idée, j'y songerai !!!