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WHEREISTHEONE - ou Marjorie à la recherche de Mister Right

WHEREISTHEONE - ou Marjorie à la recherche de Mister Right

Rechercher l'âme sœur quand on est célibataire à 34 ans (déjà!) et qu'on a "tout pour plaire" paraît-il...Searching for Mister Right, when you are 34 (already) and have "almost" everything...

Hopelessly romantic

Me being the Hopeless Romantic I am, I believe that you know it the second Somebody Special walks into your life. There's this little ripple of recognition, a feeling of familiarity, yet with the excitement of knowing that you don't actually know this person yet. But you will before long. That’s what I read on someone else’s blog, and it feels like I did write it myself.

Yes, well, I felt it a few month ago, but how would I have known if there was reciprocity at all? How can you know this? Guess it? assume it ? Well that’s not that simple… I’m still wondering, and will probably for a long time.

If only I had had a way to know what was in his mind and in his heart at that time… Things would become so easy… All I know is that I didn’t feel like leaving him that day, and saying good bye was hard enough.

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