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WHEREISTHEONE - ou Marjorie à la recherche de Mister Right

WHEREISTHEONE - ou Marjorie à la recherche de Mister Right

Rechercher l'âme sœur quand on est célibataire à 34 ans (déjà!) et qu'on a "tout pour plaire" paraît-il...Searching for Mister Right, when you are 34 (already) and have "almost" everything...

So blind

It is so strange how much I think of you everyday… there must be something there or why would it be so? Why do I feel like my search has ended and why do I feel like not seeing anyone any longer since we talked again? And why did you talk to me again when I was trying my best to forget about you…

Have we been so blind to what had happened? Had we been so stupid as not to see what was going on? I’m still wondering if it was all a game which rules I didn’t get, if the magic sparkle was there or if I only imagined it, if you felt the same way that I did, if your interest was genuine, if if if...

Maybe we have been too proud to say anything, maybe we are just too scared of what we might be for each other. Too scared to talk, too scared to feel, too scared to love. Will we ever have another chance? Will we miss it or grab it before it disappears forever?

Vincerò per te le paure che io sento ; Questo inverno finirà

Eros Ramazotti – Il ritmo della passione

Or maybe I have been a fool ever since the very beginning. I might never know this after all, and that’s killing me softly.


If I had the chance love
I would not hesitate
To tell you all the things I never said before
Don’t tell me its too late
Cause I’ve relied on my illusion
to keep me warm at night
and I’ve denied in my capacity to love
but I am willing to give up this fight

                Sarah McLachlan – Dirty little secret

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